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Benjamin Fraser

Student Of The Screen

Want to help build a screenwriting career?

I'm seeking donations to help fund original projects, i.e. short films, mockumentaries, etc.


I hope that you enjoy my style!

If you'd like to eventually see me write professionally, please donate.

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  • Aussie 

  • studying Creative Writing & History

  • a 2000 baby

  • Scorpio

  • a very silly boy

  • enjoys surfing & skating

  • favourite characters of all time are Indiana Jones & Jack Sparrow. Oh... sorry! Captain Jack Sparrow

  • favourite move of all time is 'Curse of the Black Pearl'

  • aspiring to make films that spread positive messages

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I write fan-fiction as a pastime, for a challenge, and whenever I've been disappointed with a movie and wanted to rewrite it. 

My fan-fiction scripts are available for reading. If you enjoy them and want to help me begin a screenwriting career, please donate. 

  • Star Wars

  • Indiana Jones (coming soon)

  • Pirates Of The Caribbean (coming soon)

  • Yonderland (coming soon)

Notebook and Pen
Marble Surface


Finalist in

  • Top 10, Split Second Film Competition 2020 with 'This Would've Been Your Life'


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